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Public Holidays / Closures

The BLS International Spain Visa application centers will close for business on the following public holidays in 2020

Date Day Holiday
January 01 Wednesday New Year
March 22 Thursday Saint Joseph
April 9 Thursday Easter
April 12 Sunday Easter
May 1 Friday Labor Day
May 24 Sunday Eid al fitri*
May 25 Monday Eid al fitri*
July 30 Thursday Eid al Adha*
August 2 Sunday Eid al Adha*
September 1 Sunday Muslim New Year
October 12 monday National Day of Spain
November 26 Thursday National Day of Oman *
December 6 Sunday Spanish Constitution Day
December 27 Sunday Following Christmas Day


  • * Some local holidays may vary in date depending on the decision of the Local Authorities, in which case it will be communicated in a timely manner.
  • This Representation reserves the possibility of replacing two non-mandatory Spanish parties with local parties in case these Authorities declare them mandatory
  • Not with standing the proposed calendar, it should be noted that, in accordance with the provisions of the Resolution of December 20, 2005 of the General Secretariat for Public Administration, which gives instructions on working hours and hours of civilian staff to Service
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