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Airport Transit Visa

The procedures and conditions for issuing these visas are set out in European Parliament and Council Regulation (CE) No. 810/2009, which establishes a community code on visas.

The airport transit visa application must be submitted on a duly completed application form (original and copy), which can be downloaded free of charge from this web page or can also be obtained free of charge from the Spanish diplomatic missions or consular offices abroad.

The visa must be applied for either in person or through a duly accredited representative inthe diplomatic mission or spanish consular office in the country where the applicant legally resides. If there is no Diplomatic Mission or Consular Office in a particular country, applicants can apply for the visa in the Diplomatic Mission or Consular Office that represents Spain in that country.

When submitting the visa application, the established fee must be paid (generally €60). This fee is non-refundable and therefore will not be refunded if the visa application is unsuccessful. Under certain circumstances applicants may be entitled to a reduction or may be exempt from paying the fee. Please consult the Diplomatic Missions or Spanish Consular Offices. For all other necessary requirements, please consult the Diplomatic Mission or Consular Office where the visa application is being made as these may vary according to the applicant's country of origin.

The maximum period for processing airport transit visa applications is fifteen calendar days from the date the application is submitted. This period can be extended to a maximum of 30 calendar days in specific cases, especially if a more detailed examination of the application is required. By way of exception, in specific cases in which additional documentation is required, this period can be extended to a maximum of 60 calendar days.

Note: "Submission Could be done 6 Months prior to the trip (Instead of the current 3 Months);this period is extended to 9 Months in case of seamen".

Dear Applicants, Travel Agents and Representatives, please view the revised visa fee and service charges:

Visa Category Visa Fee in Euro (Equivalent in Riyal)
Transit (Adults & Children above 12 years of age) OMR 37.30
Transit (Children between 12 & 6 years of age) OMR 18.600
Albania, Macedonia, Armenia, Azerbayan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Cabo Verde, Russia, Georgia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine OMR 16.300
Transit (Children below 6 years of age) Free of charge

The above mentioned Visa Fees is to be paid only by cash.

Note: Exemption of Visa Fee for a child is applicable only in the case of Short Term category, if the child's age is less than 6 years at the date of submission.

The Visa Fee is subject to change without notice

BLS International Service charge

There is a service charge of OMR 7.200 per application over and above the visa fees payable by all applicants.

Please Note:

  • The applicable Visa Fee in Omani Rial is as per the current exchange rate. It is subject to change without notice
  • The fee is non-refundable

Please click the below link for documents required


For ease understanding and submission of document please refer to the checklist attached.

For applicants below 18 years of age (travelling with or without parents), a duly filled/signed Parental Authorization is required. Please click here


Note: We regret we cannot accept photographs that do not meet these requirements

Please provide one recent photograph (not more than 6 months old) of yourself, which should not have been used previously in the passport. The photograph should be in colour and:

  • Taken against white background so that features are distinguishable and contrast against the background.
  • Clear share quality and with the face in focus.
  • Printed on normal photographic paper (camera print).
  • Full face, non-smiling [without sunglasses, a hat/cap or other head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious belief or ethnic background]
  • Please stick the Photograph on the Visa Application Form.

Note: Please follow these instructions carefully. If photographs presented do not meet these requirements your application will be considered incomplete. A photo booth meeting these requirements is available at the centre.

Applications accepted at the Spain Visa Application Centre will be submitted on the next working day at the Embassy of Spain/Consulate General of Spain. Once the application has been submitted, the applicant can be further requested additional documentation in support of the same. Please note as per the instructions received from Embassy of Spain minimum processing time is 15 Calendar days (It may delay depending on case to case).

All applications must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the proposed date of travel to accommodate any unforeseen processing delays.

Processing time will start excluding the date of submission of application at BLS International Services.

Applicants submitting the applications towards the Embassy of Spain, New Delhi with short processing time will be required to fill up the Declaration form.

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